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woodworking shop with equipment and wood slabs. Shop is located near Kalamazoo, Michigan and produces custom furniture.

Here at Oak and Linden we are flexible in meeting our clients’ needs. Depending on your need, there are a few different options for purchasing to minimize your costs. The slabs are rough-sawn and available for purchase as is - this would be considered the base estimate. The second option is having us flatten the piece and you would be tasked with sanding and finishing. The third step is to have us flatten and sand the piece - you would then be tasked with putting the finishing seal on the piece. You could also have us complete the entire piece including adding the legs. Our standard finish is a deep penetrating oil. Additional cost would be incurred if you wanted the piece to be sealed with epoxy. Each option comes with a different estimate. Please reach out if you would like to take a walk through to look at the slabs and cookies currently available. We are currently working towards a virtual catalog listing of available rough sawn pieces.

The video shows a fully completed spalted maple table finished with tabletop epoxy.

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